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Partners on your path no matter where you are. Pregnancy is an emotional and physical journey. Here at Corrective Core & Musculoskeletal Health, LLC we provide services to mothers and babies who develop common issues, that most often go untreated. We provide solutions for:

Mothers Experiencing

  • Prenatal –  

– Weak core or Diastasis Recti

– Aches and pains in the lower back, shoulders, hips, and/or pelvis

-Possible chemical induction in the near future

  • Postpartum – 

-Weak core or Diastasis Recti

-Pelvic floor tightness or weakness

-Intimacy discomfort

-Discomfort or pain in the lower back, shoulders, hips, and/or pelvis.

Babies Experiencing

  • Prenatal – 

-Not in optional positioning (i.e. Breech)

-Staying on one side of the belly

  • Postpartum –

-Latching issue with bottle or breast

-Reflux or spitting up

-Misshaped head

-Ear pulling or infection

-Doesn’t like being on their belly’s

Julie’s mission is to clinically support women and their babies during their prenatal and postpartum journey by restoring confidence, alleviating pain, and recreating balance in the body. Her specialized expertise combined with her energizing personality provides an exceptional environment for healing.

Customizing to your needs, Julie targets physical imbalances with movement, breathing, and bodywork techniques that help restore confidence and remove emotional distress. She realizes that pregnancy impacts women differently, so she has designed different services and packages.

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Balancing Your Cycle


Scar Tissue Release


Postpartum Selfcare Healing Kit


Prenatal / Postnatal

Infant Massage Training for Parents

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COVID-19 Scheduling Update

During this time of Stay at Home Order placed in NC Julie has closed her Wellness Center and currently asking the State to grant her to be classified as Essential Business for in home visits.  Please text Julie at (980) 434-6770 to request an update. 

She looks forward to supporting you and your little one through this trying time!