Belly Balancing

Belly balancing is a noninvasive, abdominal soft tissue therapy that may correct babies’ positioning that is discovered to be unfavorable during pregnancy. When we discover that our little one is not in an optimal position (i.e Breech/transverse) we can be faced with many scary scenarios, belly balancing helps provide a solution. Sometimes all it takes to reposition baby is making space and balancing your muscles, tissues, joints, and ligaments.


During your fully dressed, two hour session, you will learn about posture and movement. Julie will teach you breathing techniques, bodywork exercises, and education on concepts that improve the baby’s position for optimal delivery.

Julie completed her certification as a Spinning Babies Aware Practitioner, SpBAP in 2018 and is pleased to incorporate this training into her “Belly Balancing Sessions” to help moms with easier births through better fetal positioning. We believe that fetal positions are not random, babies fit the space available. Yet, thinking of the size of the baby or the pelvis is not enough. Birth anatomy can be flexible. Both the uterus and the pelvis have more available room when the muscles and other soft tissues are balanced.

“Physiology before Force” – Gail Tully, creator of Spinning Babies


Julie cannot guarantee that your baby will shift, but it’s a gentle way to try. If you have tried everything you can and face a cesarean delivery, please be gentle on yourself. Julie encourages to seek extra support from your community, a doula, your midwife, etc. Other options that could possibly help aside from Julie’s Belly Balancing Method:

  • Chiropractor certified in Webster Technique
  •  Acupunture

Julie would be happy to share some local options with you at the end of our session together.

This session is for low-risk pregnancies that are past 36 weeks gestation.

Two-hour session – Rate $200.00

This session is fully dressed, for your comfort please wear or bring yoga type pants and a sports bra allowing accessibility to the abdominal area.


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