Prenatal corrective core method

importance of Proper Baby Alignment...

Proper baby alignment is essential for the marathon of labor, delivery, and recovery. Proper baby alignment comes with a stable core, balanced fascia, and balanced ligaments.

 Did you know?

Improper baby alignment may increase the possibility of your baby being in a Breech presentation or stall labor due to the baby not being able to channel into the birth canal. 

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Julie tailors a corrective platform unique to the client in order to ensure the mother remains balanced and performing optimally during pregnancy. Each step of the way, Julie will provide you with the tools, knowledge, and bodywork techniques essential to provide long-lasting strength during pregnancy as well as postpartum. Julie’s goal within this method is to help:

  • Stabilize core
  • Create optimal baby alignment
  • Realignment of the mother
  • Provide lasting strength for better recovery from birth
  • Prevent common pregnancy discomforts
  • Provide postpartum tools and knowledge

To make certain that your goals are met, Julie will provide access to her online platform, which allows you to continually make progress outside of the Corrective Core & Musculoskeletal Health, LLC center. At each session, you will be provided with thorough feedback and knowledge to help you continually achieve your goals and improve, with the support of Julie every step of the way.

The Corrective Core Method Session pricing:

Making changes take time and in most cases, five sessions in the Corrective Core Method is all it takes to meet your goals. Julie wants to further support you by offering a four-session package deal which is like having the fifth session for free with a savings of $160.00. If you are in the beginning of your Third Trimester, book three or four weekly sessions to experience the best results. If you are in the Second Trimester, space the sessions out every two weeks to gain strength while the baby grows.

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