corrective core method

the corrective core method (ccm)

As you know, while pregnant our bodies go through lots of changes. Hormones change, posture changes, muscles, ligaments, tissues expand, even breathing patterns change. These changes happen slowly over months. From one day to the next, our bodies are now postpartum and trying to rebalance all of these things. Julie provides a method to help bounce back from this journey of change.

The Corrective Core Method is a system to help guide you through re-balancing your breath, posture, muscles, ligaments, and tissues. CCM creates results that restore clients’ confidence and overall body function to that of pre-pregnancy and in some cases better. This method can sometimes find and correct abnormal patterns that the mother experienced prior to pregnancy giving vast improvements to the body overall.

  • The Corrective Core Method can lessen or eliminate:
  •  Pelvic floor tightness or weakness
  • Intimacy discomfort
  • Discomfort or pain in the low back, shoulders, hips
  • Minor or severe incontinence
  • Bowel movement straining
  • Heaviness in pelvis
  • Weak core
  • Menstrual imbalances

your next step

Julie will teach you the movements and provide thorough follow-up feedback to ensure you are improving and achieving your goals. At your first evaluation, a comprehensive assessment will be performed to determine each woman’s unique needs, which includes:

  • Custom exercise plan
  • One-on-one directions
  • Informational sheets
  • Progression feedback
  • Video review of exercises
  • Additional informational videos

To make certain that your goals are met, Julie will provide access to her online platform, which allows you to continually make progress outside of the Corrective Core & Musculoskeletal Health, LLC center. As you progress, Julie will integrate these exercises into overall body function, movement, breathing patterns, and fitness that is meaningful to you. Julie will be with you every step of the way, providing thorough feedback and knowledge to help you continually achieve your goals and improve.


Julie tailors a corrective platform unique to the client in order to ensure the mother remains balanced and performing optimally during day-to-day movement and exercise. Each step of the way, Julie will provide you with the tools, knowledge, and bodywork techniques essential to establishing long-lasting strength during the postpartum time. Julie’s goal within this method is to help:

  • Stabilize core
  • Stabilize the pelvic floor
  • Realignment of the mother for better feeding
  • Provide lasting strength for better recovery from delivery
  • Prevent common postpartum discomforts
  • Provide postpartum tools and knowledge

Each session you will be provided with thorough feedback and knowledge to help you continually achieve your goals and improve, with the support of Julie every step of the way. 

The Corrective Core Method Session pricing:

Making changes takes time and in most cases, five sessions in the Corrective Core Method are all it takes to meet your goals.  Julie wants to help by offering a four-session package discount which is like having the initial evaluation session for free. Clients that are beyond their Fourth Trimester (baby is over three months old) benefit from booking the first three sessions weekly.

Clients that are in their Fourth Trimester may benefit from spacing the sessions out every two weeks. This package may only be purchased in the office at the end of the Initial Evaluation. HSA payments are accepted.

Session Pricing List

Julie’s insight during sessions - During this process, your baby or little one that are breastfeeding are welcome. However, coming to sessions solo is preferred. This allows the whole session to be spent working on you and your needs. Please be aware that if you bring your little one we may have to reduce the amount of work we can do within the session, which may extend the number of sessions you require. Clients are often scheduled back to back and sessions will need to end on time in order to honor the time of the next client. KidTime Drop In Center is about 3 miles away as an option.

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