Tissue re-balancing helps your body create an optimal chance for natural labor engagement. Julie understands the stress of providers suggesting inductions and epidurals, experiencing minimal labor progression, or even facing possible cesarean, so she offers a Delivery Prep Session as a solution.

In this fully dressed two hour session you will learn gentle breathwork, specific bodywork, and acupressure techniques that can be performed at home as well. By combining all three concepts, your muscles will relax and allow you to have more balanced tissue for a better birth experience.

We cannot guarantee that you will go into labor before your induction date, but this is a gentle way to try.

This session is for low-risk pregnancies that are past 39 weeks gestation.

Two-hour session – Rate $200.00

This session is fully dressed, for your comfort please wear or bring yoga type pants and a sports bra allowing accessibility to the abdominal area.


Postpartum in Home Self Help Package


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Infant Massage Training for Parents

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