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Getting the help to re-establish the whole body’s cylinder function and coordination, integrating it with the rest of the stability system, restoring tension in the connective tissue inside the gap, and tapping into restorative fitness and movement patterns is always a great idea after you have had a baby!  Please join me by entering into the Foundation-Back to Function-Program.  It is a process that requires some time and dedication, which can only be done by you.  I promise that the payoff you will feel will be very rewarding! 

This program is designed for anyone who is disconnected from their core and pelvic floor. Some of the main side effects of a weak core are Diastasis Recti, umbilical hernia, chronic back pain, SI pain and/or hip pain. Typically we will also find weakness in pelvic floor possibly causing dysfunctions like incontinence or other dysfunctions of weakness you aren’t even aware of yet.  This program has evolved over time through working with clients along with advanced study as a LMBT of Bodywork Treatments, along with advanced courses for corrective exercises for the core muscles, the pelvic floor, and diaphragm; bringing the body’s core cylinder back into your daily movements.  It’s very important to reconnect neurologically to these muscles and explore better day-to-day movements that will build long-lasting strength for the future. Each client starts with different degrees of connective tissue weakness and can have years of improper movement habits to overcome. The program is six weeks online tools to help you at home move forward in your self care while we meet three times for a treatment session to address soft tissue limitations holding you back.  During these sessions we will also be going over the exercises to make sure you are on track.

In the Foundation-Back to Function-Program you will learn the three main concepts of the program that are equally important; bodywork treatments, educating you on the day to day repetitive movements that should be removed or modified so there isn’t repetitive reoccurring stretching to the connective tissue along with other postural exercises to support the body’s functional movement. The body is connected all the way from your toes to the top of your head so that’s why we work with the whole body. Lastly and most importantly is you adopting these newly implemented tools into your daily life.

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During the assessment, we would gather a base of strength, go over your goals, start some exercises to continue at home, receive some bodywork therapy based on your needs. Together we can then determine the best route of your holistic care.

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