Your Amazing 15 Month Journey- Third Trimester Through the First 12 Months Postpartum

Three ways of support:

  • Movement & breathing strategies 
  • Corrective exercises for the different stages
  • Gentle bodywork treatments 

My mission is to support you through total body balancing during the third trimester, labor, delivery, and the 12 months postpartum so you can enjoy your new exciting adventure of being a new parent. 

Julie’s goal is to help you through the most amazing 15 months journey you will experience full of different emotions of joy, love, be-wilderness, stress, blessings, hopes and dreams of their imagined pregnancy, delivery, birth for their child/children, and recovery. Unfortunately, most times also aches, pains, heartburn, lack of energy, and lack of sleep. Due to our past and current lifestyles, our body holds tightness in muscles along with organs, unbalanced frames, and even hidden emotions within our bodies without even knowing it. Julie wants you to know that pregnancy should not be painful or draining it should be the most precise time in your life. This is where Julie comes in, giving you the tools for better movement strategies, breathing techniques for relaxing tension throughout the body including the pelvic floor.  If you are disconnected from their core, respiratory diagram or pelvic floor you can benefit from these easy strategies, exercises, and bodywork that are customized for your needs. Some of the main side effects of a weak core are Diastasis Recti, umbilical hernia, chronic back pain, SI pain and/or hip pain. Typically we will also find weakness or even worse, tightness in pelvic floor possibly causing dysfunctions like prolonged or delayed dilating during labor to incontinence or other dysfunctions you aren’t even aware of yet in your postpartum or later.  Julie’s techniques of body balancing have evolved over time through working with clients along with advanced study as an LMBT and Certified Personal Trainer of bodywork treatments, along with advanced courses for corrective exercises for the core muscles, the pelvic floor, and the diaphragm. Helping bring your body’s core cylinder back into your daily movements.  It’s very important to reconnect neurologically to these muscles and explore better day-to-day movements that will build long-lasting strength for the future. Each client starts with different degrees of connective tissue weakness and tightness along with years of improper movement habits to overcome. I’ve designed an online platform full of tools to help you at home move forward in your self-care in between our treatment sessions to address soft tissue limitations holding you back. The work you continue between sessions is very important for your care.  The more you make these small changes or catch yourself not moving optimally the faster your body will self-correct and start the healing process. Besides we are working as a team in your wellness.  During these sessions, we will also be going over the exercises to make sure you are on track.

In the sessions you will learn the three main concepts of what we are working on that are equally important; bodywork treatments, tools of new strategies you will use on the day to day repetitive movements, and corrective exercises to build the strength of stabilizing the core of your body to support the body’s functional movement. The body is connected all the way from your toes to the top of your head so that’s why we work with the whole body.  

Based on when you start working with Julie will determine the tools, bodywork, and exercises as this if your program.

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Assessment /Treatment Session 90 Minutes

During the evaluation, a comprehensive assessment will be performed to determine each woman’s unique needs.  Please wear clothing that allows free movement, (yoga pants, exercise clothes, etc.) that can expose your knees in standing and allows access to the abdominal area. The treatment portions will take place during the evaluation as findings are brought out.  It is best for the tissue to be fully hydrated for best results of soft tissue treatments; please, drink ample water for a few days beforehand.  You will start learning how to restore your central stabilization or relaxation through your breath in this first session and leave with homework to do until your next session.  The assessment and treatment session lasts 90 minutes.

Our goal will be first to build brain strategies and rebalance your system pushed out of balance by previous treated injury and pregnancy. Follow-ups are scheduled weekly, bi-weekly or monthly based on how well you are progressing and taking on the new awarenesses within your body, how much you practice you need, and how soon you will be ready for an exercise progression. Our second goal is to integrate these strategies into function, movement, breathing patterns, and fitness that is meaningful to you. Follow-up sessions are also 90 minutes.

Baby or a little one that are breastfeeding are welcome. However, coming to sessions solo is preferred, simply because the whole session can be spent working on you and your needs. Please be aware that if you bring your little one we may have to reduce the amount of work we can do within the session, which may extend the number of sessions you require. Clients are often scheduled back to back and sessions will need to end on time in order to honor the time of the next client.  KidTime Drop In Center is about 3 miles away as an option.