THRIVEing was created by Julie Jetzer as a Certified Health Coach to support those who aspire to achieve better health by following a healthy lifestyle and to provide suggestions that meet you where you are.


The “E” in THRIVEing remains in the word intentionally, as the program is an integrative wellness program, not a diet. The “TH” stands for Thinking Healthy, “RI” stands for Real Ingredients, “V” stands for Vitamins, “E” stands for Exercise, and the ending “ing” is action, meaning we are doing.

As a free gift Julie Jetzer has developed this special proactive health program called “Five for 30”. The concept is to follow the THRIVEing program for 5 consecutive days, followed by 1-2 days off and continuing that platform for a short 30 days. Julie invites you to adapt each area of THRIVEing into your life one aspect at a time or all at once.

THRIVEing will support you in your lifestyle change and get you moving in the right direction. If you feel you need a more detailed lifestyle change with diet plains we’ve got you covered.
The TLS Weight Loss Program might be your fit.

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