Prenatal Core Program

Combination of Bodywork & Corrective Exercise, and Breathing

It is essential for pregnant women to rediscover their core & pelvic floor during pregnancy for optimal baby alignment, better labor, delivery, and recovery.  Starting the Prenatal Holistic Care around 30 weeks is optimal to build up strength, relieve soft tissue tension, and knowledge. This is perfect holistic care for the first time or experienced mothers desiring an optimal birthing experience.

The corrective exercises that will turn your body’s core cylinder into the stabilizer it’s meant to be, helping to:

  • Gains in core & pelvic floor strength

  • Renewed neuromuscular communications within the body

  • Reduced or eliminate pain in the back, SI and/or hips

  • Reduced or eliminate urinary incontinence

  • Reduced or eliminated side effects of Diastasis Recti

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Prenatal Full Body Balancing

Prenatal Full Body Balancing helps:

  • Breech Presentation

  • Unbalanced Belly

  • Minor aches and pains in the low back, shoulders, hips

  • Feeling disconnected or overwhelmed

  • Minor swelling

The soft tissue bodywork techniques during our sessions relieve tension, re-balances the body getting it ready for delivery and creates space for better baby alignment. This therapy is a blended combination of Craniosacral by Upledger Institute, Total Body Balancing by D’Ambrogio Institure, and Spinning Babies bodywork techniques spread over three 60 minute sessions.  Starting after week 30 and spacing the sessions out each two weeks is suggested for a balancing results.  We can work independent or side by side with your Chiropractor or Acupuncturist health provider to assist with any of the above.

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Photo taken at foot of table with client laying on her back; notice the curve of the belly where it is higher on one side over the other.After Full Body Balancing session; notice the full roundness of the belly.
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