Prenatal Program

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This program is designed for new or experienced mothers with or without a Diastasis Recti. Proper baby alignment and having a strong neurological connection with the core muscles, diaphragm, and pelvic floor are essential for the marathon of labor, delivery, and recovery. Proper baby alignment comes with a stable core and posture.  Did you know that bad posture can increase the possibility of your baby being in a Breech presentation?  I want to work together with you and your connective tissue going through good movements, prenatal exercises to gain strength and bodywork therapy helping it all come together.

A weak core plagues over 60% of women after their vaginal or C-section delivery. Some of the symptoms could be afternoon belly bulging or that protrudes, an outie belly button, lower back pain, gastrointestinal problems and even an umbilical hernia. It is essential for pregnant women to rediscover their core during pregnancy for optimal baby alignment. If baby is head down and aligned vertically with the cervix and birth canal, and if mom has prepared for the marathon of childbirth while working on both slow twitch and fast twitch muscle types, this will create less pain for mom, less stress during labor, and a more speedy birth recovery. It’s best to learn and practice how to use your core or corset muscle while relaxing the pelvic floor during pregnancy so it is mastered well before labor and delivery. Pushing correctly could prevent many abdominal and pelvic floor problems. It’s not just about fixing the problem you already have but helping you to avoid the problem in the first place.

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Assessment with Treatment Session 75 Minutes $120.00

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During the assessment, we would gather a base of strength, go over your goals, start some exercises to continue at home, receive some bodywork therapy based on your needs. Together we can then determine the best route of your holistic care.

About the Assessment

1 Treatment Sessions 50 Minutes 120.00

3 Treatment Sessions for 300.00 (Savings of $60.00)

6 Treatment Sessions for 540.00 (Savings of $180.00)

Treatment Sessions do not expire and can be spread across prenatal and postpartum care.