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Our passion is working with men and women to strengthen their neurological connection in the core cylinder of the body relieving the negative side affect caused by Diastasis recti and weak pelvic floor. The programs are designed for meeting one-on-one in person or via video streaming, in small group workshops or even on your own with the online program. We want to give you all the education and support you are looking for.

Our Programs

Foundation Programs

In the Foundation Corrective Core Programs you will learn the two main concepts of the program that are equally important. The corrective exercises that will turn your belly into the stabilizer it’s meant to be, closing the gap between the abdominal muscles.

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Prenatal Programs

Diastasis Recti plagues over 60% of women after their vaginal or C-section delivery. Some of the symptoms could be afternoon belly bulging or that protrudes, an outie belly button, lower back pain, gastrointestinal problems and even an umbilical hernia. It is essential for pregnant women to rediscover their core during pregnancy for optimal baby alignment.

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