Julie completed her certification as a Spinning Babies Aware Practitioner, SpBAP in 2018 and is pleased to bring this training into her “Prenatal Full Body Balancing Sessions” helping moms with easier births with fetal positioning.  We believe that fetal positions are not random, that babies fit the space available.  Yet, thinking of the size of the baby or the pelvis is not enough.  Birth anatomy can be flexible.  Both the uterus and the pelvis have more available room when the muscles and other soft tissues are balanced.

“Physiology before Force” – Gail Tully, Creator of Spinning Babies

Within two of the three “Prenatal Full Body Balancing Sessions,” Julie incorporates valuable soft tissue techniques learned as a SpBAP.  To book your first session in this program please click HERE.  As a SpBAP, Julie also offers Spinning Babies Breech education, daily exercises, parent education directly from Gail herself; please click on the below to the area of need. The Spinning Babies Daily Essentials Exercises reviewed by Julie, however, you receive a printed sheet with directions with your “Prenatal Full Body Balancing Program” or you can purchase the link below. There are a number of local doulas trained in Spinning Babies Daily Essentials that Julie can supply a list of contact information.

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