Womb Cleansing Therapy

Womb Cleansing Therapy2019-02-12T20:46:20-04:00

A more familiar term for Womb Cleansing Therapy would be vaginal steaming, but it’s so much more than sitting over gently steaming water with a special herbal blend steeping inside.  It’s renewing, empowering, and clarifying to say the least.  This is a treatment that midwifes and the elder women have used for 1000’s of years in other cultures and is still being practice today.  In our Western Culture we either look down at it as a miss or a social event however, I feel that it should be embraced as our cycles themselves.  Our cycle is that of four stages with completely different aspects and needs. The lessons I have learned about myself and this forgotten passage has filled me with passion to share this to me newly learned consents of healing monthly.